All-Event Tickets On Sale Now

Below is general information about the All-Event ticket, including ticket prices.

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All-Event Ticket Info 
An All-Event ticket package includes:

  • Tickets for the 8 competitive events that comprise the ISU World Figure Skating Championships® 2025, including the men’s short and free skate programs, the women’s short and free skate programs, the pairs short and free skate programs, and the ice dance rhythm and free dance programs. 
  • 8 individual tickets for the SAME seat for all eight competitive events. The Local Organizing Committee is not able to accommodate different seats per event. 
  • An exclusive, reusable practice pass that is valid for admission to all competition practices at the TD Garden. 

Practice Passes
Practice passes for the TD Garden will not be available or sold outside of an All-Event ticket. 

A practice pass does NOT include: 

  • Admission to practices on Sunday morning, March 30th, for the Exhibition of Champions. 
  • Admission to the secondary venue, Steriti Rink. The secondary practice venue will be closed to individuals without credentials (including All-Event ticket holders) due to the lack of seating.  

Exhibition of Champions
An All-Event ticket package also does 
NOT include a ticket for the Exhibition of Champions on Sunday, March 30, 2025. Exhibition of Champion tickets are sold separately and may be purchased at the same time as an All-Event ticket if interested in securing the same seat for the Exhibition.

Accessible Seating
Accessible seating is available for this event. Please indicate that you are interested in accessible seating on the Ticket Request Form after hitting the “Buy Tickets” button. A ticket representative will work with you to accomodate your request. 

Have a Question?

If you have any ticket questions, please contact us  or via phone at 781-352-0708.


For a virtual view of seats, check out the TD Garden’s Seat Finder.

All-Event Ticket Prices

* Center sections include: Loge 1, Loge 2, Loge 3, Loge 10, Loge 11, Loge 12, Loge 13, Loge 14, Loge 20 and Loge 21

** End sections incude: Loge 4, Loge 5, Loge 6, Loge 7, Loge 8, Loge 9, Loge 15, Loge 16, Loge 17, Loge 18, Loge 19

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All-Event Ticket Purchase Process 
1.     Click “Buy Tickets” to be redirected to the online ticket request form.
2.      The first page of the form will be also information and include a seating chart. 
3.      Fill out customer information. 
4.     Opt in to U.S. Figure Skating Championships incentive. 
5.      Seat Selection Process            
          a.      Total Number of All-Event Tickets 
          b.      Price Level of All-Event Tickets 
          c.      Indicate need for accessible seating 
          d.      Seat Preference One 
                                  i.      Location (Loge, Club, or Balcony) 
                                   ii.     Section
                            iii.   Row
                           iv.  Seat(s)
          e.      Allow LOC to select next best available seats 
          f.       If no to next best available select Location/Section for preference two. 
          g.      Indicate any special requests. 
6.    Purchase Exhibition of Champions tickets
7.   Digital Signature 
8.    Payment 

All-Event Tickets
Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few FAQs about All-Event tickets. If your question is not answered below, please contact or via phone at 781-352-0708. The ticket office at the local organizing committee is open Monday-Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm EST in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Please note we are closed on all major holidays and if you have a question during that time, please email us and we will respond within 3-5 business days. 

Why buy an All-Event ticket?

All-Event tickets being offered by the Local Organizing Committee are actually an advance-sale purchase BEFORE the Event goes on sale through the TD Garden box office in the fall of 2024. This process may be different than how you typically purchase tickets online but it will have several benefits including:

  • All-Event tickets are the only way to access a practice pass for the Championships. Practice passes will not be sold separately or be offered for individual tickets.
  • An All-Event guarantees the ticket buyer the same seat for each event.
  • By purchasing an All-Event ticket, you get the first opportunity to also purchase Exhibition of Champions tickets. Those tickets won’t go on sale to the general public until the fall of 2024.
  • Personalized customer service to ensure you are getting the right seat at a price point that makes sense for you.
  • The ability to ask questions throughout the process.
  • Minimize fees that would accrue through third-party ticketing systems.
  • Overall savings on the All-Event ticket package vs. buying individual event tickets.
  • Secure the best tickets for the Event!
Will I be able to select my seat when I purchase my All-Event tickets?

Yes! When purchasing your ticket(s), you will be asked to provide your top two choices for seat selections. After that, our ticket representative will email or call you to confirm your seat selection or offer you the next, best-available options.

What if I only want to come to a few events and not all 8 competitive events?

We can recommend seats based on your budget. The TD Garden is a great place to see a skating event so there are excellent seats in every price range for the ISU World Figure Skating Championships 2025. Pick the seats in the price range that works for you and we can work with you on choosing the right seat before your tickets are confirmed.

What if I don’t know what seat section I want?

We understand people may not be able to come for the full week of events. If that’s the case, you have two choices, you can still purchase an All-Event ticket and attend which events you’d like (remember, All-Event tickets are the only way to have access to the practices too!) 

The second option is to wait until the single-session tickets go on sale next year, November 2024. The All-Event ticket is a better value (the highest price point is $2,800 and if you divide that by the number of events (8), the price per event is $350.) The single-session tickets will most likely be priced higher per event so buying an All-Event ticket is not only a better value but also gives you access to the best seats. The All-Event ticket buyer will get the first pick of available seats and single-session tickets will be the remaining inventory.

Why can’t I purchase these All-Event tickets using a completely automated system?

The All-Event tickets being offered by the Local Organizing Committee are actually an advance-sale purchase before the event goes on sale through TD Garden’s online Account Manager platform in the fall of 2024. Many spectators appreciate the personal touch when speaking with a representative from the Local Organizing Committee to whom they can ask questions. Most spectators also appreciate the reduced cost when purchasing tickets directly from the Local Organizing Committee.

I would like to attend the event with a group, is there a way to purchase tickets together?

If your party is 4 or less, we recommend having one person purchase the tickets so you can all sit together. If your group is larger than 4 people, please contact the Local Organizing Committee and we’ll assist with ensuring your party can sit together. Please email us at or call us at 781-352-0708.

What if I don’t want to purchase an Exhibition of Champions ticket right now?

When you purchase an All-Event ticket, you have the option to also purchase an Exhibition of Champion ticket to guarantee that you have the same seat. If you do not wish to purchase an Exhibition of Champions ticket at this time, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase that ticket in the fall of 2024 when they go on sale, along with single-session tickets, to the general public if you would like.

How can I access the Qualifying Rounds at the ISU World Figure Skating Championships?

The Qualifying Rounds can be accessed by using a practice pass that is good for general seating at those events. Practice passes are only sold as part of an All-Event ticket and will not be sold separately.

Will my child require their own ticket?

It depends upon their age. All guests two years of age or older must possess their own ticket for entry into TD Garden. A child under the age of one will be admitted free of charge for all events, provided that the child will sit on the lap of a ticketholder.  They are not entitled to a seat that was not purchased. Please note that if asked, the ticketholder must show identification substantiating the age of the child.

Are tickets refundable?

If you are not 100% satisfied with your options for seating when you are in the seat selection process, we will refund 100% of your money, including the $10/ticket Local Organizing Committee fee. Once you have approved and confirmed the seat selection for your All-Event ticket(s), all ticket sales are final. They will not be refundable for any reason. Please know that the Event schedule is not yet set, and competition start and finish times will be subject to change until the week of the Event. This is because the number of participating athletes may change due to injury or other unforeseen circumstances that are beyond the control of the Event organizers.

Is the process to purchase tickets the same for international visitors?

Yes, international visitors should be able to purchase tickets smoothly through the Local Organizing Committee by using their credit card. Based on our experience, we have seen that international credit card holders do have an increase in decline rates if they do not notify their credit card company that they are making an international purchase. The best way to avoid this is to contact your bank to authorize international transactions BEFORE purchasing your tickets. 

Why haven’t I received a ticket confirmation?

Our ticket process for this next year is unique in that we have REAL people assigning your seats and sending you a ticket confirmation. The reason we are doing this is to save you money on ticket fees through third-party ticket sites and to provide the best customer service so that we can also answer your questions along the way.  We know this may seem a little painful since we live in an “instant gratification” world where we expect immediate gratification with each purchase. We hope that the economic savings and personal touch will be appreciated even if you are waiting a bit longer.

Should I book a phone appointment if I haven’t received a ticket confirmation?

No. The phone appointments are meant for those who have questions about booking tickets or need to switch their preliminary ticket assignment. We are hard at work to send all the ticket confirmations within the 3-5 business day window and appreciate everyone’s patience. If you are still waiting on your ticket confirmation, we apologize for the delay. You’ll most definitely receive your ticket confirmation before your scheduled phone appointment as our team is booking phone appointments two weeks out at this point due to demand and the holidays.

I scheduled a call about a ticket question but I no longer need the call, what should I do?

We’re glad your ticket issue has been resolved. Please cancel the call on your calendar to free up available times for those who may need it.

I’m worried my tickets won’t be processed with the upcoming holidays, what can I do?

Your tickets are being processed! We appreciate your support of this event and we are busy making sure all the tickets are processed in the order in which they are received. Neither wind, nor sleet, nor rain nor the holidays will stop us. Your ticket order is as important to us as it is to you. We promise.

I have a question about my tickets, can I schedule a call with someone?

Yes! You can  schedule a call  with one of our Ticket Representatives if you have questions about your tickets or the event in general. Unfortunately due to high-demand, the appointments are booking at 2-3 weeks out. You can also send a ticket-related question to  or a general question to .