Boston is a world-renowned city known for its historic sites, beautiful architecture, varied shopping, amazing restaurants and more. There is lots to do and many things to see. But getting to those places can sometimes be confusing if you haven’t experienced the winding and sometimes narrow streets of a historic city. To help ease your travels while visiting, we’ve compiled some useful information so that you can navigate your way around Boston with the confidence of a local, and feel safe and relaxed while doing it.

The “T”

The MBTA, or “The T” as it is known locally, is Boston’s most readily available and least expensive form of transportation. By using the map of Boston’s T stations, you can easily make it to any location in and around Boston. The T is especially convenient for visitors to the World Championships who choose to stay in any of the official hotels designated for the event.

The TD Garden is located at the North Station stop on the MBTA’s Green and Orange lines. Additionally, each hotel has been noted with its closest T station on the Hotels page. When traveling between hotels and TD Garden, no switching of trains is required. No expensive taxis. No traffic. No long walks. No fuss. No wasted time.

If you plan on riding the T a lot during the week, their $22.50 weekly pass is likely the best choice for you. Otherwise, picking up a “ Charlie Card” or “ Charlie Ticket” will allow you to ride the subways for $2.40 per ride. Please look at the MBTA pricing options page for specific details. 

Trip Planner: Use this link to map your way to the TD Garden if you plan to use public transportation.


Taxis are a simple transportation option if you’re okay with spending a little more money to get from place to place. By using a taxi instead of taking the T, you gain the convenience of some privacy and door-to-door service, which means no walking from the T station to your final destination. Most of the hotels have taxi stands, where the taxis are outside waiting for you. There is also a taxi stand outside of the TD Garden on Canal Street. Boston taxis also cruise around the city, readily available at any time to take you where you need to go. Just look for a taxi with the roof light turned on and waive it over while standing on the curb. The roof light turned on indicates that a taxi is available for passengers. 

Ride-Hail Services

If you’d rather travel the city from the convenience of your phone, Uber and Lyft are both available in large quantities in the Boston and Greater Boston areas. If you choose to use this method of transportation, we recommend planning your travel in advance and checking the traffic patterns to avoid any unforeseen delays to your arrival at TD Garden.  


Because of its compact nature and close proximity to many of its major attractions, Boston is known as “America’s Walking City.”  The walk from Copley Square to TD Garden is less than 2 miles. In fact, if you are reasonably fit (and it’s not raining), you could walk from just about any of the official hotels to TD Garden if you like. Your journey might even take you through some very attractive parts of the city, including Beacon Hill, The Public Gardens, and Boston Common. But maybe save the walking for visiting some of Boston’s historic sites or restaurants and shops and take the T or a taxi or ride-hail service to save you time when coming to the venue.